A modern plastics processing company

Company Plastx d.o.o. was established in 2004. Its main activity is plastic processing. We use extrusion lines and injection moulding machines equipped with all additional high-tech equipment to ensure the highest quality standard and production of complex products.

High quality

We guarantee high-quality products with pride, as we believe, that quality comes first.

Constant improvement

We constantly develop new products and improve the existing ones, and implement new technologies in the production processes.

Quality management

Quality is very important for our company, as evidenced by the obtained quality certificates IQNet and SIQ.

These two certificates confirm, that we have implemented a quality management system and ensure, that plastic processing, engineering, and plastic product selling, follow quality standard ISO 9001.

Our products

In the product gallery, there are photos of the products, produced for our customers. These products are used for the food industry, household appliances, and other diverse industries. For more information or an offer for our products, please contact us or send us an inquiry.

We guarantee quality with an experienced team.


Our Team

Our young, committed, and high-motivated team, performs its work responsibly and reliably.

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